dsc_1335Love in Deed…we are a youth  ministry  powered by Christ  love; we exist to enhance the quality of life for the children living in the Streets  through initiatives devised  to develop spiritually, Physically and Mentally.

Our core motive in working with the children living on the streets is to

Strive towards reconciliation“.


  • To God: We share God’s word and love with the children and youth, so that they can be reconciled to the Lord. God’s word transforms lives phenomenally when people yield to God’s command. This will helps in achieving a smooth transition in reconciling the child with the relatives and re-introduction in the society.
  • To family: we challenge the children and youth to reach out to their families (nuclear or extended) and mend the fences. We also trace their family members and encourage them to reach out to the individual. Forgiveness and building new friendships is also encouraged. Other interventions will be pursued in cases where the children can’t go back to their families. These include foster care, adoption and other forms of alternative accommodation that can be explored.


We encourage the reconciled children and youth to be active members of the society by participating in social events such as games, talent events, and we encourage them to become active members of the church, where they interact with other congregants.

We also encourage them to become volunteers of our monthly outreach program, where they assist us to serve those who are still on the streets.  They always become good role models to the others, a real life testimony that their lives can be transformed.