12We believe in the potency of God’s Word, and our first point of action is to introduce the children to the Word of God. The project goals and objectives are:

  • To rescue and rehabilitate children, youth and families living on the streets with the aim of reconciling and reintegrating them into the society.
  • To empower them economically, spiritually, socially and mentally by giving them the requisite skills for living productively in the society.
  • To develop, document and share best practices for helping children, youth and families living on the streets ( best practices on rehabilitation, reconciliation, reintegration, job placement, advocacy, collaboration, etc)
  • To promote compatible relationships between parents and their children and amongst siblings.
  • To educate the community on the plight of the homeless and practices for working with children, youth and families living on the streets.
  • To network with other like-minded persons or organizations to share ideas and experiences, hence developing synergy in efforts to address the plight of people living on the streets.
  • Advocate for the rights of children particularly children living on the streets and seek to influence policy makers.
  • To organize and implement children and youth activities that are geared to:
    1. Enhance the physical health and well being.
    2. Enable the identification of family and individual issues.
    3. Connect young people and families to support services.
    4. Enhance their ability to operate in routine and disciplined environments.
    5. Improve self confidence, attitudes and behaviours.
    6. Develop the personal and inter-personal skills.