eightWe help children living on the streets to grow, develop, change, aspire renewed life by taking the following steps:

  • Outreach

We have a monthly outreach program, at Deliverance Church Eastleigh.  On every third Saturday of the month, we invite children living on the streets into the church compound.  We give them an opportunity to take a bath, shave, and wash their clothes.  After they complete their grooming, we hold Bible study sessions.  These are facilitated by LID members as well as volunteers.  We then prepare and share a meal with the children, who usually range in number from 50-100.

  • Intervene

Through our monthly outreach program, we are able to identify individuals who are committed to making a change in their lives and enroll them into the LID project.

Based on the individual’s needs, we take the following steps:

  1. Recruit into a program to benefit from holistic interventions
  2. Rehabilitate
  3. Counsel
  • Reintegrate

We seek to reconnect the children with their families (nuclear or extended) and the community.  This requires dedicated mediators who spend time to understand the history of the child, their reasons for fleeing home, their family’s socio-economic condition, the possibility of the child leading a healthy life with their family.

  • Empower

We then assist them to identify their purpose and to realize their full potential. In seeking to empower them, we offer the following kinds of support:

  1. Educational support – help to start or resume primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational schools.
  2. Livelihood support – help to start a business or seek employment
  3. Medical support – help to seek medical attention
  4. Social support – help them forge healthy friendships and coping mechanisms.
  • Graduate

We release them to become all that God intended for them.